Gord is just a regular guy with an overactive imagination stuck in a dead end job. Almost all his friends are hundreds of miles away, so he tends to getbored with life and takes out his frustrations on many of the more annoying customers in his shop.



Yokoi is Gord's muse. She only passed her final exam on appeal. She has a habit of either giving Gord scary mental images or really nice mental images in order to get what she wants. Usually pizza or jaffa cakes. Is believed to have a top secret plot bunny breeding facility hidden away somewhere.

As to whether anyone but Gord can see or speak to her...apart from cats and dogs, is a bit of a tricky question right now. (In other words, we've never really thought about it yet.) :)



Yartek used to be leader of the alien Voord until he was blown up by a British schoolteacher's trickery. Now he's out of work and sharing a house with several other out-of-work monsters.



Krang used to be a Cyberleader. Now he too is out of work and ended up as Yartek's flatmate after a drunken meeting in a karaoke bar. After getting thrown out of their flat after the bouncy castle incident, he and Yartek ended up in a house with several other reprobates.