Benny sat on the ground, brow furrowed in concentration. She stared at the ancient rock in her lap as she carefully angled the chisel in her hand and prepared to strike it with a hammer.

"Ok. One. Two. Three!"

"Do you need any help with that Bernice?"

The sound the Doctor heard was not that of metal striking metal striking stone, but rather that of metal hitting flesh followed by "Bugger!"

"I take it that's a no then?" the Doctor asked, peering over Benny's shoulder.


"Bernice, you've been chipping away at that rock for hours, are you *sure* you don't want to borrow the sonic screwdriver?"


"We could always nip back in the TARDIS to when it was first dropped, then we'd not only see what it was but who dropped it."

"No, that would be *cheating."

Benny stopped rubbing her hand and settled the rock back in her lap. "This is a *proper* archaeological dig, for *proper* ancient artifacts and we are doing this *properly*."

"Oh very well...are you sure?"

"*Yes*, I'm *sure*!"

Benny sighed as she heard the Doctor trudge away dejectedly. He couldn't just leave things alone could he? He always needed to prod them, poke them, mess around and interfere with them. Why couldn't he just kick back and *relax* for a day or two?

She carefully placed the chisel, angled it and got ready to try again. "Right. One. Two. Three!"


Benny grinned as the stone neatly split in two, revealing the treasure within. She gingerly removed the dirt encrusted object that had lain within for thousands upon thousands of years. Taking a small brush from her pocket, she slowly and gently began to brush the debris away. she could hear the Doctor walking back, probably just as curious as I am, she thought. As the dirt came away, Her eyes grew wide as the artifact was slowly uncovered.

"I don't bloody *believe* it!"

"You don't? Whyever not?"

"It's a remote control. A bloody Ferguson television remote control!"

The Doctor's head appeared over her shoulder. "Oh! That's for the telly in the UNIT HQ canteen! I wondered where I'd put it." he said nonchalantly.

As Bernice sat there temporarily stunned, heading towards seething, he quickly picked up the remote from Benny's lap and moved far enough away so she couldn't hit him. "We should really take it back."

As he walked off, Benny sat and muttered darkly under her breath. "Right. That. Is. It. I'm going to take your bloody umbrella, travel back to the Jurassic Era and feed it to a dinosaur then come back to the present day. Then we'll see how much *you* enjoy digging up and cracking open some hundred-million year old fossilised dinosaur poo to get it back."

"Come on Bernice!" called the Doctor. "The Brigadier's been looking for this since 1986....or was it 1976? I'm honestly not really that sure anymore."

Benny's shoulders slumped and she sighed.