A collection of drabbles and a double drabble...


The Doctor looked over the vista of equipment before him. A bead of sweat ran down his brow. He'd fought many of his greatest battles here, and lost every time. No matter what the battle was, jelly babies, celery, carrot juice or haggis, his opponent had always beaten him. Once every incarnation he would come here, hoping to finally win. He looked over at the inscrutable face of Morimoto. Maybe this time...

The chairman whipped the covering from the table to reveal, "Spam!!!"

No emotion showed on either opponent's face as they waited for the signal to start.

"Allez cuisine!!!"


Nyssa once again had the feeling she was being watched, despite the fact there was no one else in the room. She listened intently and caught a tiny whirring sound on the edge of her hearing. She drew up a box and leapt up on top of it, removing one of the roundels in the corner of her room. First thing she noticed, the roundel was completely transparent from them other side. Second thing, an old security camera with blinking red light,swivelling back and forth, back and forth, whirring gently. She stared sternly at it. "Doctor, you are sooooo dead..."


The Doctor surveyed the carnage. Balls of wool were unravelled and tangled across the console room. His sandwiches had been taken apart and scattered on the floor. His cup of tea had been knocked over, soaking his first edition copy of 'The Time Machine'. A suspicious smell emanated from his chair...

He picked up the spare pair of trousers he'd left hanging on the back of the chair and found claw marks all over the legs, leaving nothing but hanging, frayed edges, They were ruined.

He looked across to the alcove of candles to see a small, shadowy figure batting away at one of the tall candlesticks with his paw. "Oh no..."

The candlestick fell, toppling another. And another, scattering flaming candles all across the alcove. One of the pot-plants caught fire. The Doctor picked up what looked like a Dalek gunstick and waved it, spraying a cloud of fire-extinguishing gas over the flames.

The miscreant now sat on the edge of the console, staring at the glowing cylinder in the centre. He turned around and looked accusingly at the Doctor.

"Alright Wolsey, I promise I'll change the time rotor back so you can sit on top of it again, alright?"




Memories fading, cold enveloping, cold, so cold. Cling on to something. Life, little things, the morning sunrise, a tender kiss, with, with, I can't remember anymore. Another memory lost, among countless others, memory by moment my life is being lost. New thoughts. Conquer? No, survival. Freezing now, no anger, no fear, know future. I am...we are the future. We are the dead. No. hold on. The sound of waves crashing against the shore, her voice calling. No, lost again. These small events are unimportant now. We no longer need them. Delete files - yes / no ? Yes. Conversion is complete. We will survive.




"So, an evil megalomaniac is threatening the safety of the planet, hehas an army of brainwashed followers and an elite guard of monsters,not just any old monsters, but big, green, scary monsters with nasty,big, pointy teeth?"


"All the UNIT troops have been captured and are being held prisoner,the TARDIS is missing and Bessie has a flat tyre..."


"And you mean to tell me that you and me are the only people whocan save the planet? With a yoyo?"

"Yes. It's a good yoyo. Shall we?"

"Do you need to ask? Yes let's!"


"Ah, Doctor!" exclaimed the Master, "You're just in time!"

"Oh dear, I hope I haven't missed anything important?" asked theDoctor, "After all, somebody has to stop your nefarious plans."

"Nonsense Doctor, have a biscuit!"


"Cup of tea?"

The Doctor's pleasant, open face looked astounded.

"Here, at least have a Murray Mint?"

"Exactly what are you up to?"

"Why Doctor, have you forgotten so soon? It's our 213th anniversary!"

"Of our graduation! Goodness, how time flies!" the Doctors facebeamed.

"Also, I needed a day off, all that maniacal laughter tires you outafter a while..."

"Got any Haagen-Daas?"



"So what does this button do then?" Benny asked, pointing to one of the myriad buttons on the console.

"Oh, nothing." replied the Doctor as he walked outside, swinging his umbrella.

He turned back for a moment. "Don't touch it." he said, doing that look of his, the one that said much badness may ensue.

Benny looked at his receding back, then at the console, then at the button.

The big button.

The big red button.

The big red shiny button.

The big red shiny button with no writing on it that she'd been specifically told not to touch.




The Brigadier and Yates looked down at the small, twisted body lying in the corridor of UNIT HQ.

"It....it looks like Sgt. Benton ,sir."

The Brigadier bent down and gently poked at the figure with his swagger stick. He looked at the shrunken form of Benton, the eagle eyes, the kung fu grip.

He picked it up.

"Captain Yates, this is an Action Man."

Yates tried, but failed to keep a straight face, as a familiar laugh came from behind them. The Brigadier stood up and turned around to see Yates and Benton creased up.

"Yates! Benton! You terrible c***s!!!"